December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blackout Birthday

I am very late in posting this (see below for my really good excuse*).

Jayce's birthday was September 8th.  And we had an historic power outage - a blackout - that day which covered most of southern California. Cody and Jayce also happened to be very sick that whole week and Mark was gone taking Derek to Idaho. So we were truly homebound.

 We were completely without power from 3:30 pm to about  12:30 am. When the sun went down the house was very dark. It was a good time to pull out all of our preparedness stuff and assess how ready we really are for an emergency. We had great camping lanterns, and Jayce really loved wearing a head lamp. We did pretty good; just needed a few more batteries if it lasted any longer.

You can't really tell how dark the house was because of the camera flash. But look at the bright lantern. It was the only light we had in the house.

On Monday, September 5th, we had a birthday party for Jayce. He wanted to go to Pump it Up and that's what we did. Everyone had a blast!

I'm looking all over for his birthday cake pictures. I know I took some even though we didn't have it until Sunday, when Mark was back. Maybe they're on Mark's camera. But I gotta get this post done and move on to homework!

*I am very late in posting this...I have started back to earnest. I am taking 12 credits and it's about to kill me. Not really. I really, really love it, but I am swamped. I love blogging, though, and want to continue because it is a great way to keep track of our lives in a family history sort of way. I just have to be quicker at blogging.

I am also thinking of starting a new blog for a project for one of my classes. I have been thinking about this a lot, way before I got this project assigned. It will be about my experiences of raising a child who hasn't chosen to love the gospel as I do. What do you think? I thought maybe there are others out there who may need some comfort or a place to share their pain and learn from mine. I certainly would welcome the comfort from others to help heal my pain. It could be an avenue to explain our feelings and learn to forgive. My professor hasn't approved it yet. It's just in my thought process right now. But I'm thinking I do want to do it.