December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Derek letter 10-8-12

There's me with "Shorty" the horse. It was chilly that day and I borrowed a jacket from Mike. I also made the pumpkin brigade out of candy corn pumpkins that I bought last week. No way anyone is taking down those pumpkins. 

This week has been fabulous with conference and everything else going on. As far as the work is concerned, it was another tough week because we had to drop a few investigators and therefore we didn't have many things to do. In addition, nobody seemed to be answering their door for the whole week in Wamego for some reason. We also had no car this week meaning lots of biking. Woo! On friday, we biked from our house in St. Mary's to Wamego for service at the Health Ministries and after service, we went and biked to St George for an appointment. On our way we stopped and tracted a few homes scattered in the middle of farm homes. That's where I met Shorty the horse. We then biked back to Wamego a little later and had a great and rewarding weekend. Saturday was bomdiggity with conference coming up. When President Monson got up and made the now seemingly ho hum temple announcement, I thought "Oh, that's cool. Tuscon needs a temple too." But I never expected that other announcement where men can go at 18 and women at 19. We got a text from a sister in our branch today who has an 18 year old daughter that has now started her mission papers and has always wanted to serve a mission. I think this announcement is great because now we can get more sisters into the field then ever before since they have less amount of time to get married, hehe. But as for the talks, I really liked Elder Oaks on Saturday. I haven't seen him come out like that in a while. That story about the children sleeping on the floor and wanting to be adopted was in Kansas City. Some parents can be so...mur. On Sunday, my favorite overall talk was by Elder Holland and becoming more Christlike. Do we love God? Then feed His sheep. I also liked the talk (I can't remember who it was by) where they told the story about how a successful missionary came home and was asked how he became so successful, he said that he imagined every person who he tracted into entering the waters of baptism in white clothing. I actually tried that when we were tracting in-between sessions yesterday. Nobody promising came from it but I felt good inside to leave them with something to think about. With conference also came suit season. I will be wearing a suit every day until next conference in April.
I liked that talk about President Eyring and his sons too. President Henry J Eyring sure is a great man. That's awesome that Cody is getting going on his project! What's he doing again? I'm going to send the letter I finished writing to him this morning tomorrow so you should be expecting it this weekend or Friday or something like that. I don't know if you should send him to the BYU summer semester. What if he gets a job? Or just doesn't want to because I just got home? But whatever floats your boat I guess.
I'm proud of Pennie for finding that rat. Good team up to be able to do that! Ooh! So this Saturday I am even more excited than General Conference because we get to go to Independence to watch Gladys Knight and her choir!!! It's like a testimony meeting/music. So it's a combination of it. Mike, Pam, and us will leave on Saturday early-ish so that we have time to go visit the temple and then go to the visitor's center to watch the perpose of life video and also see all the sweet stuff there too. After, we will then get in line like an hour and a half before it begins and attend the 4:30 showing. I'm and giddy with excitement and cannot wait for that more than conference. No more biking either because this week we did a lot of biking: biking from our house to Wamego 2 and a half times (that half time, Elder Clare got a flat tire so Mike had to pick us up.). I like biking at times, but going up and down these hills is not fun sometimes. But I know it's for a good cause because Heavenly Father will bless us with people to teach. It may take a while, but we will be blessed with baptisms and new investigators. One of these weeks it ought to happen. If not, I'll lay the foundation for missionaries in the future.

Tyler Jensen is WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! I never knew that he was getting married! I don't have his address or I would write to him. Ohwell, I technically went on a date his his future wife first so it's all good in the hood. I expect a letter from him. I got one from Uncle Gene but taht was a while ago. I already responded by then. That's awesome that Sister Fice wants to get active again! Marshall was a good kid and got his eagle done. Remind me who Sister Callahan is again? I think she moved in right before I left or something. That's an amazing thing you got to do with the combined activity. I wish I could've participated. I'm sure Tyler will greatly appreciate it. Well, I can't really think of anything else to say. I love you Dad. I love you Mom. Don't forget it. As fire-like trials come your way that is the time to turn on the ignitors and power ahead. Just remember the hymn "Press Forward Saints". I love you all and all those that read this or just love missionary work. I kind of combined responses from both Dad's and Mom's e-mails. So sorry if anything seems out of order or anything. Love,
Elder Sutherland
PS: My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

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