December 2010

December 2010

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Stuff - Apple Picking and Pumpkin Patch

Years ago we went as a family to Julian, a small town up in our mountains, to pick apples. It was one of the most fun family activities we have ever done. We tried again the next year and, for some reason, there were no apples, or we missed the picking window, we never knew. But for some reason, we never went back. Until this weekend! Jayce really wanted to go, so made the trek up there and had a blast!

 We had to really commit...and get in the tree!

 Jayce really got into it!

 There were tons! I wish we could've picked more than two bags!
 We had to get creative to reach the big ones up high.

Oh, they're so yummy! I'm gonna make me some apple crisp!

A couple of weeks ago, actually on October 1st, Jayce said, "It's October, we can go to the pumpkin patch." Even though we told him it's open for the whole month, he insisted we go that day!
 He had to have a big one...and could barely carry it!
 Tractor Ride!

 Corn stalk maze!

 Token farm animals...

 My fun to have them...


  1. Don't you love fall and all the festivities? I love how you enjoy it (and everything else in life) to the fullest with your boys!

  2. That is so much fun!! I love the fall! And apple crisp sounds divine!! =)